my story

This is what happens when you give a girl a hot glue gun and a subscription to Brides magazine…

(Not really. But those two weapons of mass-bedazzling certainly didn't help things any!)

In all actuality, my obsession with wedding and event planning began long before I was fortunate enough to plan my own. In 2002, while studying communications at Boston University, I took on the role of Live Events Coordinator for the school's radio station. After coordinating various on- and off-campus concerts, dances and club nights, I was hooked.

After graduation I worked in a variety of marketing and public relations positions, continuing to organize and orchestrate corporate-focused events such as retail store opening, product launches and sampling events. It wasn't until I planned my own wedding in 2010 that I became refocused to all things bridal.

I founded MLH Events in January of 2011 and moved into our current showroom location in the spring of that year. The rest, as they say, is history!


My Approach

The joy of producing a special and unforgettable wedding day for each couple is truly one of the best feelings in the world and I strive to interlace each occasion with unique and personalized details. Your guests will be proclaiming, "this wedding is so them!"

As an event planner, and wedding planner in particular, I have the opportunity to wear a lot of "hats". Best friend. Psychiatrist. Diplomat. Girl Friday. I am a sounding board, a voice of reason, an advocate and a drill sergeant (when need be!). My team and I are here to help couples work through the bridal clutter and decide the best and most beautiful way to celebrate their distinctive love story. How they came to meet by chance. How they knew it was forever. How they became an "us."
I look forward to learning yours!

-Megan L. Hiltbrand, owner and event planner